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  • When writing a fine for animals. Fine is per animal. 50 horses * 50 = 2500 fine. This only applies to the cleanliness or food fines.

  • Improper hauling equipment: Think of safety, if they are hauling logs without rails on the side.

  • Too many trailers for hauling: 2 Trailers in tandem MAX, even if the capacity is below the 80,000l limit. Super B’s are considered 2 trailers. A standalone dolly is one trailer, so a dolly + a semitrailer is two trailers.

  • Oversize transport: No more than 80,000l combined capacity on any load-carrying vehicle combination. This includes the truck/tractor and any / all trailers connected to it, for any material capacity. Only loading the vehicle to 80,000l or using the fill level limiter to limit the capacity does not make a combination legal.

  • The sugarcane trailers can only be used in a double combination when empty or transporting sugarcane. When used for chaff or woodchips, the 80,000l limit applies.

  • Cut trees: No more than 5 trees on the ground while loading onto a trailer. Cut 5, load them all, grind the stumps, then cut another 5.

  • Crop Abandonment: Pile of crops just sitting in a field rather than in a barn or other storage device.

  • Malicious damage of crops: You find someone driving through a field that is not theirs.

  • Silage Bales: They can be left out in the fields to simulate drying. Once they reach 100%, within a timely manner, they should be moved.

  • Bale limit: 40 foot trailer = 40 bales.

  • Specialized equipment: Herbicide Sprayer, etc. Refer to the permit section of the site.

  • Reckless endangerment: Flipping vehicles, etc.

  • Overloading: A large tractor on a trailer where the wheels are barely on.

  • Public property would be the NPC stores, silos, or any of the land that is not owned by a player.

  • Reckless endangerment includes vehicles that are flipped or stuck.

  • Equipment abandonment would be anything left at the store or on public property for more than 24 hours. Utilized the BOL section to keep track of this suspicious activity.

  • Malicious damage to property would be driving across fields not owned by players.

  • A player may not own more than 3 production buildings, and 6 greenhouses currently. Greenhouses do require permit. (Note: We will consider upping production limit when we see that it is not affecting server performance due to increased pallet load. We are scheduled to revisit this July 2022.)