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  1. Take the FM quiz and answer at least 80%, or 40 questions, correctly. There is a total of 50 questions. The FM quiz is found here.

  2. When you have passed to FM quiz, submit a ticket under the Server Assistance category saying that you have completed the quiz and your score.

  3. Once your 7 or 30-day waiting period is completed, and you have completed steps 1 and 2, a blue button that says “Request To Be FM” will appear on your FSN front page.

  4. When you click the button it takes you to a second screen where you can choose your server from the dropdown menu.

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  5. When you have chosen your server and clicked “Next Step”, you choose your parcel from the dropdown menu. You can choose any plot that shows up in the dropdown menu. The cost will be drawn from your in-game start-up grant of 500k. If the selected parcel costs less than 500k, the rest will be available for you to spend as you like. If it costs more, the overshooting amount will be covered by an in-game loan.

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  6. Please make sure that what you pick is really what you want. Once you submit your selection there is no changing what you pick. Once you are sure that you have chosen the server and parcel that you want, click the “Submit to be FM!” button.

  7. The last step is to be patient. An Operations staff member will contact you through discord when it is time to get your farm set up on the server.