In-Game Laws

This is a comprehensive list of in-game laws. They will not cover every situation but cover most, and anything not covered here will be up to administrative arbitration or will fall within the “Are You Kidding Me” act, which can be found in the In-Game Guidelines area of the wiki.

Violation Name


Fine Amount

Violation Name


Fine Amount

Reckless endangerment with vehicles

Speeding, Driving Erratically


Lacking CDL permit

Operating a semi (with or without a trailer) or a tractor pulling a dolly + semitrailer requires a CDL


Failure to use turn signal

Not using Turn Signals on ANY vehicle/Tractor/Self Propelled Equipment


Failure to use beacons on public roads

Not using beacons on any agricultural vehicle when driving on public roads


Failure to stop at a stop sign

Not stopping at stop signs on ANY vehicle/Tractor/Self Propelled Equipment


Equipment abandonment

Leaving any equipment not on your property for longer than 24 hours


Unauthorized dumping of goods on public property

Dumping crop/seed/fertilizer/lime/herbicide on FSN Property requires permission from Senior Staff


Malicious damage of public property

Knowingly drive through fields owned by FSN


Unsafe Hauling

Improperly loaded items on Trucks and/or Trailers, using loaded Auger Wagons/Bale Loading Wagons on public roadways (except for cotton).


Falsely registered equipment

Equipment that you no longer own, but are still registered to your farm (Not only does it increase your NAV, which increases your taxes, and now you’re getting a fine.)

$3000 per vehicle

Failure to register equipment

All equipment must be registered on the website

$1000 per Vehicle

Obstruction of public roadways

Leaving equipment parked on public roads


Improper Transport of Headers

Any header that is wider than the harvester MUST be towed on header transports while on public roads. Corn and chopper headers that can fold up to be within the width of the equipment, will be allowed to remain attached, if not, they can be left unfolded and put on a header transport.


Driving in, on, or through a ditch

Use proper approaches to enter fields and use the roads. Only applies to fields along public roadways


Lacking Animal Permit

Every Pen with animals in it, require a separate Animal Permit

$1500 per Pen

Animals in the RED - Cleanliness

If the Cleanliness Bar is RED, that’s a finable offense

$50 per animal

Animals in the RED - Feed

If all Feed Bars are in the RED, that’s a finable offense

$50 per animal

Animals in the RED or LESS than 30% - Water

Water Pumps are not sufficient enough to keep animals properly watered. Protip: Water DAILY

$50 per animal

An unauthorized trailer being used for baling

Using the wrong trailer to haul bales. Example: a Tipper


Loading too many bales onto a trailer.

1 bale per foot of trailer length. Overloading a Trailer with bales will also land you an Unsafe Hauling Fine.


Bales of any kind sitting out in the open without being in bale storage or in the process of being sold

Straw/Grass/Hay/Silage Bales @ 100% Fermentation not in storage for more than 24 hours


Crop abandonment/spoilage

Pile of crops just sitting in a field rather than in a barn or other storage device.


Malicious damage of crops

Knowingly destroy crops maliciously


Pallets left outside of a covered area or barn

Any Pallets not in a shed within 24 hours of being placed/unloaded


Excessive Pallets (3 or More)

The Goal is NO PALLETS at the END of the DAY. Pallets are hard on servers. We have inexpensive storage silos and pallet storage buildings for this reason


Equipment left on someone else's property without permission

Parking Equipment on Private property without an ACTIVE Agreement in place - Also can be considered Equipment Abandonment


Improper use of Equipment

Using improper truck/trailer combination to haul equipment, modifying Super B setup, using Tractors with a lower HP than specified on the implement while in operation. Transporting implements with Tractors that have a lower HP will be allowed


Lacking permits for specialized equipment

Must have the proper permits if you own units that require a CDL, logging equipment, or herbicide applicators/sprayers.


Too many trailers for hauling

No more than 2 trailers to be pulled at a time. Super B’s are considered two trailers.


Oversize transport

No more than 80,000L combined capacity on any load-carrying vehicle combination, with exception of the Radom sugarcane trailer combination when used for sugarcane.


Easements for fields/buildings from public roads and map edge shall be at least 5m

“This is how it came” is not an excuse, but will get you a warning ONCE. All fields and buildings must have 5m easements along public roads


Easements for fields/buildings from water shall be at least 3m

“This is how it came” is not an excuse, but will get you a warning ONCE. All fields and buildings must have 3m easements along the water


Improper wood hauling equipment

Using Tippers (as an example) to haul logs


Lacking logging permit or permits

Not having the proper permits for tree cutting


Too many trees cut down at once (More than 5)

No more than 5 trees, including stumps, are allowed on the GROUND at a time. You must load them on a trailer and grind the stumps before cutting more


In-game name not matching FSN username

Farmers/Contractors must have their Farm/Business Name or FSN user name as their Character name while in FSN servers unless they are an officer on duty. If a user refuses to identify himself after an officer points out the offense, a fine of $2500 will be issued once we determine your identity. A reward of $2500 will be given to the player that identifies the player.


Additional Notes Regarding Fines

  • When writing a fine for animals. Fine is per animal. 50 horses * 50 = 2500 fine. This only applies to the cleanliness or food fines.

  • Improper hauling equipment: Think of safety, if they are hauling logs without rails on the side.

  • Too many trailers for hauling: 2 Trailers in tandem MAX, even if the capacity is below the 80,000l limit. Super B’s are considered 2 trailers. A standalone dolly is one trailer, so a dolly + a semitrailer is two trailers.

  • Oversize transport: No more than 80,000l combined capacity on any load-carrying vehicle combination. This includes the truck/tractor and any / all trailers connected to it, for any material capacity. Only loading the vehicle to 80,000l or using the fill level limiter to limit the capacity does not make a combination legal.

  • The sugarcane trailers can only be used in a double combination when empty or transporting sugarcane. When used for chaff or woodchips, the 80,000l limit applies.

  • Cut trees: No more than 5 trees on the ground while loading onto a trailer. Cut 5, load them all, grind the stumps, then cut another 5.

  • Crop Abandonment: Pile of crops just sitting in a field rather than in a barn or other storage device.

  • Malicious damage of crops: You find someone driving through a field that is not theirs.

  • Silage Bales: They can be left out in the fields to simulate drying. Once they reach 100%, within a timely manner, they should be moved.

  • Bale limit: 40 foot trailer = 40 bales.

  • Specialized equipment: Herbicide Sprayer, etc. Refer to the permit section of the site.

  • Reckless endangerment: Flipping vehicles, etc.

  • Overloading: A large tractor on a trailer where the wheels are barely on.

  • Public property would be the NPC stores, silos, or any of the land that is not owned by a player.

  • Reckless endangerment includes vehicles that are flipped or stuck.

  • Equipment abandonment would be anything left at the store or on public property for more than 24 hours. Utilized the BOL section to keep track of this suspicious activity.

  • Malicious damage to property would be driving across fields not owned by players.

  • A player may not own more than 5 production buildings, and 6 greenhouses currently. Greenhouses do require permit.