Support Tickets

What are Support Tickets?

Support tickets are how you get in touch with FSN developers and administration regarding various things. Support tickets are handled by the FSN Customer Support staff team and if they are not able to help come to a resolution, they will forward the ticket to the appropriate staff team.

Many processes are handled via the ticket system. In the future, more and more of this will become automated, but when in doubt, drop a ticket and it will be processed as soon as possible. Generally, wait times can vary from 24-72 hours depending on the staff's ticket load. We appreciate your patience!

Some categories for support tickets include:

  • Website Bug/Issue

  • Server Assistance (Stuck, Missing Transfer, Etc.)

  • Map or Mod Issue/Imbalance

  • Player or Staff Report/Issue

  • General Question (Can’t Find Answer)

  • Suggestion/Idea

  • Donations Question/Issue

Why are Support Tickets important?

Using the ticket system is important because with more and more users joining FSN it has become harder for staff to keep up with DM’s or discord tags. The ticket system also ensures fairness for players as tickets are dealt with in order instead of someone jumping the queue.

How to create, update, or close a Support Ticket

  • To submit a ticket head to the website and find the Support link under the Data drop-down menu. Enter as much detail as you can so the staff can assist you. If your ticket is in regard to a server, please provide the server name and number. If it is relating to a Resource Exchange order or Contract, please include the ID of the said item so the team can find it instead of spending time tracking it down.

  • When you have created a ticket, it is important to check the status occasionally to see if the staff has replied to the ticket or needs more information from you (you can update the information in the ticket). In many cases, the staff will have solved the problem and closed the ticket, but they may also have replied with information or requested information from you.

  • To view tickets you have submitted, follow the same steps as above to access the support page. All of your tickets will be listed there.

  • If you have created a ticket, but the issue no longer exists (server has restarted, player squabble has resolved), please remember to go to the Support page, write a comment explaining that the ticket is no longer needed, and close the ticket. This helps prevent clogging up the ticket inbox and ensures unsolved problems can be addressed quickly.