Server Stability & Reports

Server stability is very important to us here at FSN. We have a team of volunteer staff that are dedicated to ensure that our servers are up and running as they should be. Information regarding server stability can be found on the FSN Discord in the server reports text channel.

Reporting Server Issues

Before making reports in the Server-Reports channel, please make sure to follow all guidelines.

  • Please include @Server Stability, server ID, and the issue so that our team can best investigate the cause.

  • Only post after 30 minutes of downtime or continual lag spikes.

  • Please check previous messages to ensure that someone has not already reported the same server.

  • Server reports are only for down servers or extreme lag spiking. Not for time sync issues. Time syncs are to be handled by the servers mayor.

  • If more than 3 servers have posted within 30 minutes, please refrain from posting as there may be a larger issue and give our team time to investigate.

Server Stability & Health Guidelines

We often get asked what things causes a server to lag, or to crash, or to not show up, so we’ve compiled this little bit of information to help you with understanding all of those things, and after 5+ years, we have the system down pretty well!

  • Server Isn’t Showing Up: This can be for a number of reasons, but by far the most common is the matchmaking system. Meaning the server is up just fine, but you can’t see it. In this instance, the only solution is to keep going in and out of mp refreshing the list until you see it. You can verify it’s a you issue by seeing if any other players from that server can see it.

  • Server is Laggy/Crashes: This is 98% of the time caused by player behaviors and habits, below are a list of things that can impact the servers, and if your server starts to see lag, or crashes, you should review this list with yourself and fellow farmers to make sure that you are in compliance.


A.) Log Debris Physics - Logging is singlehandedly one of the hardest items on servers, which is why we have strict laws regarding it. Please make sure you review them before conducting logging.

B.) Vehicle Count - No matter how powerful the hardware of the server, the limitation comes down to software, and we have found that MP software for FS has limitations. If you have above 150 vehicles TOTAL on the server BETWEEN ALL FARMS, you begin to risk seeing lag. If you are over 200, you will see lag and potential crashes. Over 250 and it would be surprising if your server keeps running properly.

C.) Bale & Pallet Count - Many of the systems in FS make bales and pallets be counted similarly to vehicles as far as server impact, so we recommend always buying in bulk when you can, and ‘picking up as you go’ for baling, never leaving more than 25-50 out at once.

D.) Terraforming & Placeables/Lights - Small amounts of placeables per farm are fine, but when someone places 50 lights and 20 buildings and terraforms a mountain, it can cause significant strain on the server.


All of these factors are always running in combination with the others, meaning even if you may only partially be having all of these issues, they could combine to cause crashes etc. If your server is having problems, please review this list with your fellow farmers and try to eliminate the causation. If after looking, you still cannot figure out why it is happening, contact the warden team in the server stability channel to schedule an audit.