Enhanced Realism Servers

Enhanced realism servers are for those looking for the hardest experience amongst FSN servers. This article outlines some key information and details about how realism servers operate. (Please note this article is WIP and will be updated throughout April 2023. If you have questions please feel free to ask in the FS22 questions channel if you don’t find an answer here!)


Authorized Maps & Season Cycles

  • Currently only the 24 Day year cycle is available as an option for realism servers.

  • Currently realism servers are capped at 10 servers.

Allowed Maps

Spring Creek, ND


Logistics Company Slot

The logistics company slot is a single slot that can only be maintained by one FM at a time. This slot is for people who are interested in a new style/aspect of play from a standard FM.

Currently logistics companies can not farm land. They however can hold land, lease land, and also have access to unique opportunities not found on regular farms.

Logistics companies also have the ability to utilize a set of buildings not allowed on any other farm that allow the production of lime, fertilizer, seeds and diesel.

In addition, they will have the customs building on their home plot, and will function both as the export authority and can use the customs building to provide long term crop storage for a set fee to other farms.

Facts/Info For Logistics Companies

  • Not allowed to farm land (This may change in the future to allow small scale farming up to x amount of acres.)

  • Allowed to construct factories for lime, fertilizer, seeds and diesel

  • Are the only POS (Point of Sale) for seeds, lime, fertilizer, and diesel.

  • Can hold as much land as they want (Properly won at auction) but cannot work, only lease.

  • Provide hauling and storage services to farmers, as well as raw material inputs. Pricing on most items will be pre-defined.

Logistics Interface (For Farms)

The above is the logistics interface for farms, below are the categories of ‘delivery type’ and what they are used for, and to the right are all the other options and details of the screen for your understanding.

Delivery Types
- Tractor or Harvester: Used to move a piece of equipment such as tractor, harvester, or other vehicle.

  • Tractor + Attachment: Used when you are moving a tractor with something attached.

  • Attachment: Used when you need to move something that attaches to a tractor or other piece of equipment.

  • Bags or Pallets: Used when you need bags or pallets of items moved.

  • Bulk Good Delivery: Used for bulk delivery of input materials such as seeds, lime etc once your logistics company is producing such in bulk.

  • Fuel Delivery: Used for ordering fuel to be delivered either to your farm tank or to a vehicle/field. If selecting a vehicle or field it is considered an emergency delivery.

  • $200/1k or Above Crop: Used for when you need crops moved to or from your storage, logistics storage, fields and/or sell points.

  • $199/1k or Below Crop: Used for when you need low value crops moved to/from your storage, logistics storage, fields and/or sell points.

Other Form Options

  • Enter Bags/Pallets/Liters: Must be filled out if ordering a bag/pallet delivery, a bulk delivery, or a crop delivery.

  • Pickup Location: Where the logistics company is picking the item up. If a field, other or a location on your main farm, those additional details should be provided in the additional details area.

  • If Warehoused, Select Crops: If you have any crops stored in the logistics warehouse, they will be selectable here. This option is generally only used if scheduling a delivery from logistics to high sell point.

  • Delivery Location: Where the logistics company should deliver the load to. If this is a location on your main farm, a field, or another location, those details should be provided in the additional details area.

  • Additional Delivery Details: Use this area to clarify anything for the delivery company, such as what types of pallets they’re picking up, the field number of a drop off, or the preferred sell point for crops etc.

  • Delivery Speed: Use this to define how quickly, or specifically when, you’d like the delivery done. Standard is 1-2 days, Rush is 1 day, and then ‘upcoming xxx’ tells them to deliver it during the next time that month passes (so if you are in June and select upcoming December, it will tell them to deliver December of that year.)

Example 1

Joe wants to have 6 big bags of seed delivered to his home farm from the store. He would select
“Bags or Pallets”, “6”, “Store”, “Not Applicable”, “Home Farm”, “Please bring the 6 bags of seed from store to my farm.”, “Standard 1-2 Day”

Example 2

Vicky wants to store her 235k liter wheat harvest from field 203 in the logistics storage area until high sell month. She would select “$200/1k Crop”, “235000”, “Field”, “Not Applicable”, “Logistics Center”, “Please move this wheat from augers at 203 to your storage for later sale.”, “Standard 1-2 Day”

Example 3

Vicky now has her wheat in storage, and wants to sell it in December to the high sell point. She would select “$200/1k Crop”, “235,000”, “Logistics Center”, “Wheat 235k”, “High Sell Point”, “Please move this wheat from your warehouse to the high sell point in December.”, “Upcoming December”
Example 4

Tom has ran out of fuel during harvest in field 177. He would select “Fuel Delivery”, “500”, “Logistics Center”, “Not Applicable”, “Field”, “Please deliver 500L to harvester on field 177 ASAP.”, “Rush 1 Day” (It would also be wise for Tom after putting this in to DM the logistics person or ping them in their server channel so they know there is a rush/emergency order in.)

Logistics Pricing

This table provides information on logistics pricing. Pricing is subject to change at the discretion of staff for balancing purposes but in general will remain constant and will never drastically change, only incrementally if needed.

When a logistics company completes a job, it goes into their accounts receivable and adds the liability to the farm they delivered for. A farm will pay off logistics liabilities like they do any other liability from the accounting overview page.

  • Tractor or Harvester Relocate: $2,500 bux

  • Attachment Relocate: $1,000 bux / attachment

  • Tractor + Attachment: $3,300 bux

  • Fuel Rate (Scheduled Delivery): $2 bux / liter _ $250 delivery surcharge

  • Fuel Rate (Emergency/Field Fill): $4 bux/liter + $1000 delivery surcharge

  • Low Value (< $200/1k) Crop Haul: 10% Load Val.

  • High Value (> $200/1k) Crop Haul: 5% Load Val.

  • Crop Storage ($10/1k/Month)
    Note: Crop storage + haul will be charged at final delivery to sellpoint as the following formula….

  • Pallet/Bag Delivery: $200/bag or pallet

Produced Lime: TBD

Produced Fert: TBD

Produced Seeds: TBD

(Months * 1k units * 10) + 5/10% of sell price per load.

For crop loads going to paid storage, there is no ‘pickup’ fee. Only storage fee and final delivery fee, charged at time of final delivery to sellpoint/export destination.

All fees are calculated automatically via the logistics interface!

Enhanced Realism Additional Features & Rules

The following features are in addition to standard FSN features, and the rules are considered in addition (or to override if there is a matching rule) to FSN rules.


  • Crop Rotation Mod. Will require regular rotation of crops to maintain maximum yield potential.

  • Export Pricing will be partially based on your land score.

  • Random events will have more significant impacts than they will on standard FSN servers.

  • Land auctions will start at a minimum of 50% above the NPC baseline.

  • No purchasing from web auctions, only from dealerships or in game shop.

  • More to follow…


  • First and foremost, ALL FSN rules are applied to ER servers, and the following are considered in addition to them. The only exception is if a ER rule overrides the Base FSN rule.

  • The logistics company MUST be used for deliveries of materials and for many equipment moves (This will be the smart move anyways given the drive distance and wh’s you’d put onto equipment doing it yourself!)

  • The only exception to the above is if you have an EMERGENCY situation and the company is unavailable for over 24 hours. Repeat offenses of this may see you removed from Realism farming though!

  • It is encouraged that farmers work with the logistics company to provide raw inputs for their factories.

  • Delivery time is 24-72 hours for standard logistics requests, and emergency requests are 24 hours but may incur a surcharge.

  • Keep in mind that logistics workers have real lives and real jobs too, and that they do their best to meet the above guidelines.

  • NO cutting of map trees at this time.

  • There is NO plowing of existing fields to add area or remove ‘grass/wildlife’ patches within the field. It must be retained in it’s natural state.

  • ER Companies are their own entities and cannot be supported by outside factors.

  • More to follow…