Tax System Outline

In FSN, we believe in adding as much realism as possible to an experience. Part of that is simulating taxes. Here are the details on how the system works!

Tax Cycle
Every 30 days.

Payment Schedule
Taxes Generate on the 1st of the month, and must be paid by the 30th of the month.

Unpaid taxes after the 30th of the month there may be a lien imposed against your land. If taxes remain unpaid more than 3 months in a row, assets will be seized to pay off the liability.

Basic Formula
12 Day Servers - Taxation Base Rate is 3.5% of Land Value
24 Day Servers - Taxation Base Rate is 1.75% of Land Value
24 ER Servers - Taxation Base Rate is 5% of Land Value
Generational Servers - Taxes Coming Soon

(Note on above: Taxation base rate is lower for 24d regular servers because they have less 'harvests' per 30 day window. In the end this should work out the same given you get 2x the harvests on a 12 day server, but will owe 2x the taxes. ER Servers are designed as a challenging experience, and thus start with a higher basal taxation rate.)

Modifiers (The larger your farm, the higher your tax bracket)
(Numbers in NAV Valuation)
500k or Under: 1x
500k-1m: 1.25x
1m-1.5m: 1.5x
1.5m-2.5m: 2x
2.5-3.5m: 2.5x
3.5-5m: 3.5x
5m-7.5m: 4x
7.5m-10m: 4.5x
10m-15m: 6x
15m+: 8x
ER NOTE: ER Servers Incur an additional 1.5x on top of whatever modifier is their bracket above.

Tax Examples
Farm Valued at $2 million bux, with 500k in land on 12 day server.
Base Rate: $500,000 * 3.5% = $17,500
Modified Rate: $17,500 * 2 = $35,000

Farm Valued at $5.25 million bux, with 2m in land on 24 day server.
Base Rate: $2,000,000 * 1.75% = $35,000
Modified Rate: $35,000 * 4 = $140,000